Concrete Slab Cutting & Saw Cutting Service

Fast, neat, dust-free and efficient, FMG slab sawing cuts through horizontal concrete slabs to get your job done right. Our experienced operators are the best in the business and can handle concrete slab cutting of any size.

Depending on the application, we use electric or diesel power, ensuring the most effective strategy for the job. Of course, we always use battery powered, or electric saws indoors or in confined spaces for safety reasons. From large, 36-inch deep saws to smaller saws for small and hard-to-reach areas, we make sure your job is done right.

Jobs of Any Size

Need some work done in your basement? Maybe a mega-sized warehouse? No matter the size of your need, our concrete slab cutting team has the experience and expertise to take care of you.

  • Depth1/2” to 36” deep
  • Type of CutStraight cut
  • Materials CutConcrete, Rebar
  • Powered ByElectric, Battery, or Diesel
  • Dust FreeYes
  • Cut Flush to Adjacent Surface?Yes
  • Best For:Large areas, buildings, warehouses, and basements

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We guarantee prompt, friendly service. For information on pricing or any type of concrete cutting, please ask for an estimate. We’ll give you a quote over the phone any time. Call 810.227.3650 or click the button below.

Need to make a deeper cut?
Wire Sawing
Need to make a round cut?
Core Drilling

Frequently Asked Questions

Heavy. Typical concrete weighs 150 pounds per cubic foot (a space measuring 12 inches on all sides).

Cutting manageable pieces is an important part of planning, especially when cutting large openings in walls or trenches in slabs. Our sales team and operator can help you determine a manageable size.

When cutting smaller openings, use the following guidelines:
● For jobs requiring hand removal in a slab, assuming 6” deep concrete, cut 1.5-square-foot pieces.
● For jobs using the same 6” deep slab with equipment such as a skid steer, cut 3-square-foot pieces. In some cases, larger pieces may be acceptable.
● For jobs with thinner slabs, you can cut a larger square footage. With thicker slabs, cut a smaller square footage.

We can cut concrete slabs on a floor 36 inches deep with our diesel slab saws and 24 inches deep with electric slab saws. We have a number of low-emission diesel slab saws available depending on your needs. Contact our sales team for more details.

We can cut concrete walls up to 36 inches thick with traditional cutting blades and can cut even thicker walls with our wire saws.

We’re able to engineer a sequence of cutting in order to efficiently cut and remove concrete thicker than 36 inches in spaces that don’t allow access to wire sawing.

Our wire saw can cut round holes up to 33 feet in diameter.

No. Our primary focus is cutting or grinding concrete. Many contractors use our services because we’re extremely proficient at cutting. In most cases, due to our highly experienced crew and custom, patented equipment, we can reduce the time needed to cut, effectively saving you money on your project.

Yes. We can handle just about any cutting requirement you may have.

For standard electric slab sawing, an empty room of 10 feet by 10 feet or larger is sufficient. For diesel slab sawing, due to its larger size and required ventilation, we need a 12 feet x 12 feet area or larger. We have hand saws or smaller slab saws for smaller areas.

Typically, we can cut 2-4 inches away from a wall. We can flush cut, if cutting flush to a wall is required.

We require an unobstructed 34 ¼”, which fits through a typical 36” doorway. Smaller versions of the electric saw are less than 15” wide and used for lighter jobs in closets, basements or other close quarters.

Our diesel-powered slab saw is 36” wide.

Depending on the rigging and lifting equipment supplied by our customers or contractors on site, most of our slab saws, aside from our Lithium-Ion battery saw, have lifting capability.

Our slab saws range from a 275-pound portable model to a mega-size version that tips the scale at over 2,000 pounds.

Yes. Accompanied by a water barrel, our battery saw can access almost any point in a building where electric power can’t be established. This custom, patented saw is the go-to saw for working in zero-emission environments such as hospitals, where electric cords are a hazard to staff and patients.

Prices vary depending on the type of equipment used, duration of work and other factors. Talk to our sales team to help select the best, most cost-effective solution to get your job done.

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We guarantee prompt, friendly service. For information on pricing or any type of concrete cutting, please ask for an estimate. We will give you a quote over the phone or in writing. Call 810.227.3650 or click the button below.

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