Wall Sawing
Electric or Hydraulic

Create openings for doors, windows and more in walls, floors and ceilings.

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  • DepthUp to 36"
  • Type of CutStraight
Core Drilling
Electric or Hydraulic

Core concrete, asphalt, block or tile cutting to create cylindrical openings for sewers, electrical conduit, plumbing, and HVAC equipment up to seven feet in diameter.

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  • Any Depth½”-84” diameter
  • Type of CutRound
Curb Cutting

Remove the top portion of the curb for driveways, sidewalks, wheelchair ramps and more.

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  • Depth24"
  • Type of CutStraight or Curved
Slab Sawing
Electric, Battery, Diesel

Whether it's demo or decorative, we can cut away large slabs of concrete—outdoors or indoors—to make way for a new concrete surface.

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  • Depth30”-48”
  • Type of CutStraight Cut
Hand Sawing
Electric or Hydraulic

Customize, finish, and accentuate concrete cutting with versatile hand sawing to address any job that comes up.

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  • Depth30”-48”
  • Type of CutStraight
Wire Sawing
Electric or Diesel

Cut large openings at any depth through any thickness and configuration.

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  • Any Depth30”-48”, up to 30’ in diameter
  • Type of CutStraight

Eradicate uneven floors or heaved concrete surfaces with our floor grinding saw service.

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  • Materials CutConcrete
  • Type of CutSurface Prep

Compare Services

ServiceSuggested ForDepth of CutMaterials Used OnPowered ByCut TypeDust Free
Wall SawingWalls, Ceilings, FloorsUp to 36”Concrete, BlockElectric, HydraulicStraight, Adjacent, Flush cutDust Icon
Curb CuttingDriveways, Sidewalks, Wheelchair ramps, Subdivision entrances24” thickConcrete, AsphaltDieselStraight or Curved cutDust Icon
Core DrillingRound openings, Sewers, Plumbing, HVACAny depth, ½”-84” in diameterConcrete, SteelElectric, HydraulicRound cutDust Icon
Slab SawingLarge Areas, Roads, Warehouses30” – 48”Concrete, SteelElectric, Battery, DieselStraight cutDust Icon
Wire SawingVery thick concreteAny depth, 30”-48”, up to 30’ in diameterConcrete, SteelElectric, DieselStraight cutDust Icon
Hand SawingCustom work30”-48”Concrete, Steel, BlockElectric, HydraulicStraight, Adjacent Flush cutDust Icon
GrindingConcrete leveling, Surface prep for concrete floors prior to the installation of ceramic tile, wood floors, or carpetN/AConcreteElectricSurface PrepDust Icon

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