Concrete Core Drilling

Our concrete core cutting capabilities are versatile, clean, dust-free, and precise. Whether coring walls, floors and ceilings for pipes and conduits, anchor bolt holes, bumper posts or executing intricate plumbing and sewer systems, our team’s expertise ensures your job is done the right way in a timely fashion.

We can drill to any depth, on angles, and upside-down. If you need a hole larger than 84 inches across, we can do that, too —check out our wire sawing services for more details.


Jobs of Any Size

For something as small as a single hole drilled in a basement wall or as complex as an intricate sewer installation, our concrete core drilling team has the experience and expertise to take care of you.

  • DepthUp to 84” diameter, at virtually any depth
  • Type of CutRound cut
  • Materials CutConcrete, Rebar
  • Powered ByElectric, Hydraulic, Air
  • Dust FreeYes
  • Cut Flush to Adjacent Surface?Yes
  • Best For:Round openings, sewers, plumbing, HVAC

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We guarantee prompt, friendly service. For information on pricing or any type of concrete cutting, please ask for an estimate. We’ll give you a quote over the phone any time. Call 810.227.3650 or click the button below.


Need to cut through very thick concrete?
Wire Sawing
Need to make a straight cut?
Slab Sawing

Frequently Asked Questions

You should be as precise as possible with your measurements. You’ll need to have an exact, correct layout before we begin cutting to ensure the desired final opening dimensions. Once an opening is complete, there’s no give to the concrete. Important note: use rough dimensions where applicable, such as egress windows or door installations. If you use the exact dimensions of your window or door, it’s likely it won’t fit.

When drilling cores, pipe size and core bit size are not the same thing. A four-inch pipe will not fit in a four-inch core. You need to measure the outer diameter of the pipe being installed, add the necessary clearance, then calculate the required core size. Our operators don’t handle the coring dimensions and will drill the core size you request. Consult with our dispatcher when requesting service to ensure we have the proper size core on hand to complete your job.

Yes. The condition of the jobsite may require us to consider other factors.

We’ve cored over 70 feet deep in a foundation and cored over a 20-feet-thick wall. Distance above the slab or in front of a wall, as well as general access, factor into what is feasible. Contact one of our team members for more details.

Stone: yes. It’s more challenging to anchor to an irregular surface, but we can get the job done.
Dirt: no. For coring through dirt, you should contact a unidirectional boring company.

Yes. When the area on top is not accessible, we’re able to core upside down.

Yes. Please contact us to determine the best option to do your job.

Yes. Coring is a great solution for making round holes. We can drill in floors, walls and ceilings using special diamond-tipped coring bits ranging in size from under an inch to 84 inches or larger. If you prefer a square opening, we use other equipment such as handsaws, ring saws or wall saws depending on the size and depth of cut.

Yes, however it typically takes longer to do the job in freezing cold temperatures.

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We guarantee prompt, friendly service. For information on pricing or any type of concrete cutting, please ask for an estimate. We will give you a quote over the phone or in writing. Call 810.227.3650 or click the button below.

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