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We're looking for experienced Slab Saw Operators, Wall Saw Operators, and Core Drillers.

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Slab Sawing



FMG's experienced operators are the back bone of our slab sawing department. Our operators have an average of 15 years experience. Whether we are sawing on a highway, in a parking lot, inside a building, or on a roof, FMG has the proper saws and operators to do your job.

We use electric saws for confined spaces for carbon monoxide free operation. Due to recent changes in concrete cutting technology, we are now able to cut to depths never before possible. FMG has the capability to cut up to 36 inches deep from one side using our wall saw and 29 inches deep using our Slab Saw.

  • Electric sawing
  • Gas saw (up to 29" deep)
  • Smaller electric saws are available for small or difficult to reach areas